Vetch Veg An Urban Utopia


July 19, 2012 / by owen

Vetch Veg is a community Vegetable garden created in collaboration between residents of the Sandfields in Swansea and the artist Owen Griffiths. Together they created an urban utopia in the centre of the city on the historic ground of the Vetch football field.

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A year long project from September 2011-12, commissioned by Adain Avion, Cultural Olympiad Wales, the site is now being considered as permanent community vegetable garden. 110 Beds now fill the 2,500 mtr sq site, with members of the community, families, organisations, churches, retirement centres and charities can grow their own food. The site also contains a kitchen, numerous communal beds, two polytunnels. The gardeners care for the site, learn bee keeping, and cob oven building skills as well as keeping chickens and preparing food in the kitchen.

The garden has become a new centre of community, where cultures, neighbours and families meet and tend their plots, swop recipes and share meals.

On June the 29th 2012, a Flower and Produce Show inside the plane, a display of mobile beds and the Vetch Veg Feast for 200 people was prepared for the Adain Avion Festival on the lawn of the National Waterfront Museum.

In August 2012 the gardeners and Griffiths will work together to create the Sandfields Festival of Ideas in collaboration with the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, which will include the building of a site library and gallery space. Throughout July, they will run a Take Away Pizza Night in association with Mission Gallery.

In association with Adain Avion, project managed by Taliesin Arts Centre in partnership with Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea Environmental Forum and the City and County of Swansea.